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How it Works, in a Nut-shell.

What is GoPerDiem all about?

STEP 1:  The service chief builds and defines the schedule for the service.  The schedule specifies shifts that need to be filled, requirements for filling these shifts, times of the shifts, days of the week on which shifts occur and other parameters to clearly detail the needs of the scheduling service.  
Services all over the country hire per diem employees.  Every service is different and every service has its own staffing needs.  But one thing they all have in common is the massive task of putting schedules together and keeping everyone informed of schedules and upcoming needs.  

Typically, per diem employees submit their availability to someone who has been assigned to put together the schedule.  Often this is done on a monthly basis but in some cases, it is weekly, quarterly, or on some other frequency depending on the needs of the service.  Employees often submit their availabilities in a non standard fashion.  Some fill out forms, some call in their availability, some send e-mail, etc.  The scheduler is often left buried under a pile of scraps of paper which must be sorted through to determine who is able to work which shifts. It is a daunting task which they seldom look forward to tackling.  The monthly task of putting the schedule together is postponed until the last minute and then it consumes hours of tiring, tedious work to finish and publish in a timely manner.  It is frustrating for the scheduler and the per diem employees as well.

The GoPerDiem web site brings order to a chaotic chore.  It streamlines the process of submitting availability by the employees and reduces a massive scheduling task to a simple point and click process taking a fraction of the time required by manual methods.  Many users have reported as much as a 90% reduction in time needed to produce the schedule.  Employees report they are able to submit their availability without having to fill out forms and drop them off at the office.  They can submit times from home or work, anywhere they have access to the internet.  Even if they are on vacation out of state.  The use of forward thinking and cutting edge technology makes the entire process simple.

Let's face it, time is money.  Any task that can be systemized and streamlined in such a way as to save time, saves money.  Not only that, users report greater employee satisfaction when scheduling information is presented in a clear, organized and timely fashion.  Employees perceive services who use technology to their advantage to be progressive and therefore a more desirable place to work.  Their time is important to them and many need scheduling information quickly so their other activities can be scheduled.  Many work for more than one service and make commitments more readily when prompt response is provided for their availability input.

Other features of the GoPerDiem service save time and money by avoiding duplicate scheduling, missed shifts, and unclear communication of work schedules.  GoPerDiem can even alert you to conflicts and help avoid scheduling of overtime hours by alerting you when you are about to overbook an employee. 

GoPerDiem can help services who:

  • Need to reduce the hours of work put into scheduling of per diem employees.
  • Dread the process of sorting through scraps of paper to find someone to fill a shift.
  • Are constantly up against deadlines for publishing the schedule.
  • Need to improve employee morale with a fast, efficient scheduling system.
  • Want to save time and money in an ever tightening economy.

Contact us today to discuss how easily GoPerDiem can go to work for you.  Join other progressive services who are already benefiting from the simplicity of GoPerDiem's Online Scheduling service.  E-Mail us at Sales@GoPerDiem.net or call us at 207-878-4670.  You can be using our system in as little as one week. Remember, If you continue to do the things you've always done, you will continue to get the results you have always gotten.

GoPerDiem!  Schedule every day. Test Drive GoPerDiem

STEP 2:  per diem employees are granted permission to use the system and are assigned user names and passwords.  The Per diem employees can then log on to the system from anywhere and at any time as long as they have access to the internet.  They express their wishes for shifts each month by pointing and clicking on shifts for which they are available to work.  This is done online in real time.

STEP 3: Once all per diem employees have entered their availabilities, the Service Scheduler can then, in real time, call up the schedule online and  easily see who is available to work each and every shift that needs to be staffed.  The shifts are then simply filled by an easy point and click process that takes a fraction of the time required to do the task manually.

STEP 4: Schedules are then published online and can be viewed by all per diem employees and others who need to know.  These schedules can be viewed online or printed and posted in the workplace.  The whole process is instantaneous.